Profelec means Professional Electronics.

Profelec is a leading supplier of professional electronics in Finland. Today we represent several international brands in the areas of Test & Measurement and System Components. Profelec is focused on the need for Finnish industries, R&D, education and the public sector.

The company’s aim is to satisfy the needs of our customers and suppliers by providing top quality products and services to all parts of our selected business sectors, in the most cost-effective manner. We deliver high performance products and offer solutions to specific customer applications. Customer have a need, we have a products and know how- together we find a solution!

Test & Measurement

We deliver a wide range of measuring instruments, test systems and sensors for industry, research, education, the governmental institutions and the military.

Our products marketed today are highly concentrated to the high-end markets where superior performance together with added value in quality, software, training and consultative customer approach are needed.

System Components

We provide a comprehensive selection of electronics and automation system components and systems for OEM applications. Our customers are in the industries of electronics, automation, process control and machinery.

We like to help our customers in all kind of automation applications like, paper, sawmill and forestry, electronics and electricity industries, as well as for mechatronics, cranes, forest machinery and education.

Profelec is a strong and professional business partner for Finnish market

Profelec offers you the full advantage of many years of experience in our niche market. See CV of our owner…click here

An exclusive distribution agreement with Profelec will ensure that a specific line of equipment will be marketed aggressively, professionally and creatively to a discerning and demanding base of customers in Finland.

Let’s be in touch! Profelec Oy, Särkiniementie 3, 00210 Helsinki, Finland.
Tel +358 9 6963 720 e-mail:



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